Returns & Refund Policy


If you noticethat the package, at the time of delivery to your home is defective,broken or damaged, just do not accept it. It will be returned to us/merchantand we/merchant will send a new one. If the product is directly shipped byPestkart, we will be responsible for return/refund or if the product is shippedby the merchant, the merchant will be responsible for return/refund. Do nottake any risk in this aspect and do not hesitate to tell the staff of thelogistic agency.

If after opening the package, the product is not inperfect condition, contact us. We will give you the instructions to returnit. 

 Here youhave an overview of the different cases of return or refund:

  • The product arrives defective or in poor condition
    Contact us, we/merchant will send you the product again. You do not have to pay any additional cost. 
  • This does not satisfy me and I want to return:
    The deadline for exercising the right of withdrawal (or return) is 7 business days. It will be the law of the place where the good object of the contract has been delivered or where the service was to be rendered, which determines the days to be considered as working days.

The cost of the return (shipping costs) willbe charged to the customer. In other words, in case you do not want theproduct, either because it does not convince you, because you have changed yourmind, because it is not what you expected, Do not worry, contact us or themerchant who has shipped the product, the only thing you will have to pay areshipping costs.

Pestkart reserves the right toreturn a lower amount in case the product is not in perfect condition. Foryour peace of mind, do not open the product or try it if you think you willreturn it, we do not accept returns of open products or without its seal ororiginal packaging.

We have an accentuated way to be the online storewith the best customer service. This is one of our hallmarks. Ourexperts can advise you in all areas of our world, products.

Our commitment to care guarantees that we have theresources and people ready and willing to respond quickly to your telephone inquiriesor email.

We have created our own system of selection of merchantsthat allow us to be sure that we can satisfy the demands of our customers.

Theproducts on our site have been displayed by merchants. The merchants directlyensure that the origin and production systems are subject to the higheststandards and legislation to ensure quality ingredients.

Aftersales Service and Returns


The client will have a period of seven (7) calendardays to resolve the sale, provided that the nature of the acquired productallows it. This term will be computed from the reception by the client ofthe purchased goods. It will be understood that the customer has known theright of withdrawal from entering the online store, which requires reading andacceptance of these General Conditions, and in any case from the moment youplace the order. This right of withdrawal shall not apply to thosepersonalized products or for reasons of hygiene or other exceptions legallycontemplated are not subject to withdrawal. 

 Return and management expenses will be paidby the client To make a return, you must take into account the following:

a) To make a return to  Pestkart thismust be done within 7 days after the date of receipt thereof. The returnand management expenses will be borne by the customer. 

 b) Theproduct to be returned must be in its original state, and without having beenused or manipulated, otherwise, the return will not be accepted.

c) In case of problems with third-partyproducts,  Pestkart  will accept the exchange /return as per the policy of the manufacturer or distributor. Find outabout it before placing the order.

d) The shipping and handling costs of returnedproducts are borne by the customer, and in no case will be reimbursed by Pestkart,with the exception that the return occurs due to defect of the merchandise orerror by Pestkart.

e) All returns must be previously authorizedby  Pestkart  To do this, you must send us an emailthrough the  Contact , with the subject'' Returns '' indicating the reasons for the return andwe will send you an authorization code as soon as possible. It should beincluded in the package. Once the package is received, we will confirm byemail if the return has been accepted or rejected.

f) Remember never to throw the packaging of theproducts until they are in perfect condition. Before opening any product,please verify that all products match those you have ordered (Model, Color,Measure, Finish, etc ...), making an immediate claim through the  Contact Form , with the subject'' Returns '' in if there is any anomaly. In this case, we ask you not totake the product out of its original packaging.

Service and customer service are ourpriority.  No client or user can be left without an answer or without asolution.

We organize our entire company to facilitate anexcellent shopping experience. If it is not good for our users andcustomers, it is not a priority.


We have incidents like any other store in theworld. The difference is that our users and customers highlight that werespond, that we give information, that we give solutions and that finally, theend is always positive.


Call us, send us an email or send us a question, we answer anyquestions, about any product or about any related aspect