Shipping Policy


The products/Services on Pestkart are sold by seller which are listed on site. Once your order and payment are confirmed, you will receive thedetails in your email confirming your order. 

The Pestkart Offers two types of registrations. Registrationto the end user (Who can buy products/services) and registration to sellers whowant to sell their products and services through Pestkart.

All Products or services listed on Pestkart are related to pesticides orpest control. Products are either shipped by the merchants or by Pestkartdepending on the conveniences.

Some products indicate a different delivery date, although most ordersare delivered in less than 7 days. There may be some delays while deliveringproducts to some distant locations of the merchants or the buyer.  

Our customer service hours and orders are from Monday to Friday from9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. We do not work on holidays or weekends, so thesedays are not counted while calculating the delivery days.

Pestkart cannot be held responsible if the delivery is delayed due tosome unavoidable circumstances beyond our control.


We workexclusively with merchants that operate in the Indian territory. 
We select reliable logistic companies that guarantee reliability,efficient delivery and a friendly behaviour to our customers at the time ofdelivery. 

We constantly monitor all orders and can report the status of each orderthrough our customer service.

Even so, sometimes the logistic companies that we hire suffer someincidence, delay or loss of a package. Although this happens on rareoccasions, our tracking and resolution systems work well. The order can beforwarded or located and delivered to its destination.


You must take into account the following when receiving the package: 
Observing externally the box, pallet, wrapper or container of the type that isto verify that it has no damage: holes, slits, blows ... etc.,.

Open the packagingto check that it contains what we have ordered and it is in perfectcondition. 

Contact our customer service to report the incident or through the contactform.


IMPORTANT: In case of not being at the address indicated at the time ofdelivery, the delivery person will leave a note notice and / or the transportagency will try to contact you before making a second delivery attempt.

For us the most important thing is that you shopagain after your first order. 
For this, we make sure that your shopping experience is IMPECCABLE. 
That's why we take care of all aspects for customer satisfactions.

We have the necessary resources to assist you incase of any inconveniences  so that you can make the most of our shoppingportal. 

If you have any questions or any questions, contact us and we will try our bestto solve in an amicable manner. 


On Pestkart, we have made a careful selectionof the merchants. The products are listed on our site either by themanufacturers or traders. We believe that our merchants offer you productsof the highest quality and we strive to always have an edge in the deals. Theproducts displayed on our site are manufactured or traded by trusted merchants.

All the merchants we have selected meet thequality standards and follow regulations required by Indian laws in allprocesses of manufacturing and storage.

Pestkart does not provide anywarranty/guarantee of any products. The merchants selling those products aredirectly responsible. The merchants guarantee safety of the products it offersfor sale, it offers the guarantee of quality of the leading products of themarket and of the suppliers that guarantee the highest level of quality toensure that your health is not at risk.

"In case of defective product, the buyermust inform Pestkart through email within immediately of delivery. Peskart willdo the needful for replacement by the merchant "

All products are carefully reviewed and asecond revision is made at the time of sending the product to our customers.